Ward 6 Election Result has Reach into University: Pro-Warehouse Incumbent!

In the Ward 6 council race, Jim Perry clobbered Rafael Elizalde 66% to 34%.  This result isn’t a huge surprise, Rafael ran on a platform of identity politics.  While these issues can be important to our city, they aren’t the most pressing issues when we’ve got warehouses encroaching right up against our residential properties.
Speaking of warehouses, Jim Perry supported the Sycamore Canyon Project.  In the PE, he was quoted: “It came down to quality jobs” that developers promised.  I agree that we need a ladder of jobs including minimum wage warehousers.  I also think that we need to find some interest from other industries in our little town.

From the University Neighborhood, we need to watch Jim Perry closely.  It’s clear he’ll vote pro-developer no matter the impact on our neighborhood.